History of Guru GhasiDas

Satguru Ghāsidās (1718-?) is Successor of Satnam sect in Chhatisgarh migrated from Narnaul Hariyanna (The Ancient Mahaabharat age Kurukshetra).Satguru Ghasidas was born on Monday 18 December 1718. The date of death of Satguru Ghasidas is unknown. No Kabra No Samadhi place present of Satguru Ghasidas. According to folk stories in the last time he came from Bhandarpuri to Chhātā hill in the forest of Giroudpuri. He entered a cave (Satlokhi\Satlok) in front of chhātā hill. He is immortal and living in Satlokhi Cave. He was born in village Girodhpuri in Raipur district in a Harivansh family (Lineage of Lord Vishnnu & always protected by Lord Vishnnu & Lord Krishnna Holding Sudarshan Chakra). Satguru Ghasidas saw the socio-political milieu of misrule, loot and plunder in the society. The local kings and administrator failed to stop this. Satguru Ghasidas underwent the exploitative experiences specific to human communities, which helped him the hierarchical and exploitative nature of social dynamics in a caste-ridden society. From an early age, he started rejecting social inequity and to understand the problems faced by human community and to find solutions, he traveled extensively in Chhattisgarh by foot and by yogik power.and done a lot of immposible wefare work.like

1.Order for Pure and nectar water, Safe Ground at any place by Yogik Power

2.Social Salvation

3.Spread the Knowledge of "Satnam" seed and to Built Universe Victory Pillar\ Shrishti Vijay Stambh.