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History of Siddharudha Swami

Virakta Siddharudha Swami (1837–1929)[1] was an Indian Hindu mystic of the Advaita Vedanta stream widely regarded[who?] as one of the greatest saints of Hinduism who lived a nomadic existence in the South West Indian state of Karnataka.


Sadguru Siddharudha Maharaj lived in the style of an ascetic throughout his life. He never practiced casteism and saw divinity in everything in existence as well as disagreeing with the notion that only Brahmins were entitled to liberation, firmly believing that everyone was entitled to it. Considered to be the reincarnation of Nijaguna Shivayogi, a medieval king turned saint, Siddharudha renounced his home, parents and all relatives at a very young age to go in search of his Satguru or spiritual master. He roamed around, finally arriving at Gudigante in present Andhra Pradesh somewhere near Srisailam, home of the realized soul Shri Gajadandaswami. Wholeheartedly serving Gajadandaswami, Siddharudha cleaned his ashram, washed his clothes and vessels as well as did the cooking for his Satguru and learned the Brahmavidya.

At the end of this period, his Sadguru blessed him and asked him to undergo a pilgrimage, help the needy, uplift ignorant souls and put them on the path of spiritual science, duties Siddharudha carried out with the utmost sincerity and devotion. He wandered from Kashmir to Kanyakumari delivering the souls of many devotees before finally settling down in Hubli. Here, people quickly realized his supremacy, divinity and sainthood and started to flock to him to receive his blessings.[citation needed] He served the people without any discrimination, having a Muslim disciple named Kabirdas (not his original name) who was particularly dedicated to him. Parampoojya Shri Kalavati Devi (alias Aai meaning mother in Marathi), was his supreme disciple. Formerly known as Rukmabai Mallapur, she herself is well known as a supreme saint, whose Samadhi is in Shri Harimandir at Angol near Belgaum. He had a very dedicated disciple called Gurunatharudha. His samadhi is just beside the samadhi of Sri Siddharudha swami in Hubli Matha. He gave sannyasa to Swami Muktananda who studied at his ashram in Hubli until Siddharudha's 1929 death, when he then left to study with a disciple of Siddharudha called Muppinarya Swami at his Airani Hale Matha.

He died in Hubli town, Karnataka and people believe that he was capable of performing miracles.[who?] A proverb in the Indian Kannada language runs: 'Siddharudhara Jolige Jagakkella holige' which means that if Siddharudha begs, every one in the world receives sweet pancakes.


Siddharudha Maharaj is an acknowledged Hindu master of the Advaita Vedanta stream of Vedic thought and has many followers throughout India, especially in the villages of Karnataka and Maharashtra.